The Licenses

Six Licenses – Six ways to start

Ready to get in on the action?

By getting a license you get connected to the DasEcosystem. You’ll receive access to an encrypted WebWallet and a supply of network capacity known as Cycles. These Cycles can be redeemed for network resources, exchanged for a wide array of services or submitted to the Minting Queue to create DasCoin

Licenses start at as little as €100 – from there you’ll be authenticated by NetLeaders to participate in this exciting new system of digital value.


    * This Frequency Lock is valid until midnight of the 15th of March 2018. Meaning… get started right now to benefit the most from your investement.

Getting actual DasCoins

To receive the guaranteed number of DasCoins (as mentioned above) you need to put your cycles into a queue after the specified number of upgrades. So do not do this before the upgrade(s) that go with your license. It is a step you can make at a later time. Don’t take care of it at that stage. It takes 108 days for every upgrade.

For example: You have bought a Pro license. This license has 1 upgrade. In your panel you’ll see “… DAYS UNTIL NEXT UPGRADE”. You need to wait for that upgrade and then your Cycles will be doubled. After this upgrade, put your Cycles into a queue.

This rule does not apply to the President License. With the President License you’ll get DasCoin much faster.

How many coins do you get from a DasCoin License?


x – quantity of coins
c – cycles
n – upgrades
f – frequency lock

For example; a €2.000 license with a 4.3 frequency lock makes 12.837 DasCoins.