What is DasCoin?

Digital Asset System Conversion Intrument’ or DasCoin is a new digital currency designed to become the mainstream digital currency of choice. It combines the best parts of digital currencies like Bitcoin with the best parts of traditional currencies like euros and dollars to create the ultimate hybrid.

DasCoin is the world’s most secure digital currency, combining super-fast global transfers with ultimate peace of mind.

You can read the Whitepaper and learn more about DasCoin here

DasCoin is based in Hong Kong.

How can I purchase DasCoin?

DasCoin is part of DasEcosystem – a network of blockchain products and services. Purchasing a NetLeaders license gives you access to DasEcosystem.

When you purchase a NetLeaders license you’ll be allocated Cycles. Cycles represent network capacity and can be submitted to the Minting Queue to mint DasCoin or used to purchase other products and services in DasEcosystem.

DasCoin will be available for purchase without a NetLeaders license on approved Cryptocurrency exchanges in Q1 2018.

How many DasCoin will be available in total?

8.5 billion DasCoin will be minted in total. To be exact: 233 = 8,589,934,592

Which blockchain does DasCoin use?

DasCoin uses its own blockchain developed in-house. The DasCoin blockchain is a closed permissioned blockchain. This allows transaction speeds of 6 seconds (confirmed) and absolute security.

The DasCoin blockchain was switched on on March 31st 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland and has been running uninterrupted since.